The MSR Series of locknuts are precision nuts whose benefits have advantages in many engineering sectors. Where high speed spindles or spindles that are subjected to high levels of strain are used, their axial rigidity and increased levels of dynamic safety ensure optimum results for the entire bearing assembly. Repeated precision adjustments can be carried out using the locknut on the same spindle. The locknut can simply and precisely assume the function of shaft collar or contact surface. Spieth lock nuts are designed and produced to conform to a high standard of run out accuracy. No grooves or locking plates etc. Clamping screws around the periphery and the configured elastic diaphragm of the nut on the spindle thread provide even clamping forces all way round.

There are 71 products in this category:

Part # Name Dimensions in mm (d2)Dimensions in mm (d3)Dimensions in mm (d4)Dimensions in mm (d5)Dimensions in mm (d6)Dimensions in mm (h)Dimensions in mm (l)Dimensions in mm (e)Calculation Factor A (mm)Locknut Specific Allowance B  
MSR M10 x 0.75mm 242.5173.2221436.50.6722457 Enquire
MSR M10 x 1.0mm 242.5173.2221536.50.7032457 Enquire
MSR M12 x 1.0mm 263193.2251436.50.8192438 Enquire
MSR M12 x 1.5mm 263193.2251536.50.8812438 Enquire
MSR M14 x 1.5mm 32422.54.33016370.9972995 Enquire
MSR M15 x 1.0mm 33423.54.33116370.9922984 Enquire
MSR M16 x 1.5mm 34424.54.31851.1123962 Enquire
MSR M17 x 1.0mm 35425.54.31851.1083947 Enquire
MSR M18 x 1.5mm 36426.54.31851.2283931 Enquire
MSR M20 x 1.0mm 40430.54.31851.2813900 Enquire
MSR M20 x 1.5mm 40430.54.31851.3443900 Enquire
MSR M22 x 1.5mm 40430.54.31851.4593869 Enquire
MSR M24 x 1.5mm 42432.54.351.5753838 Enquire
MSR M25 x 1.5mm 45536.54.3206.533822 Enquire
MSR M26 x 1.5mm 45536.54.3206.51.6903806 Enquire
MSR M28 x 1.5mm 46538.54.3206.51.8053775 Enquire
MSR M30 x 1.5mm 48540.54.3206.51.9213744 Enquire
MSR M32 x 1.5mm 50542.54.32272.0373713 Enquire
MSR M35 x 1.5mm 53545.54.32272.2103666 Enquire
MSR M38 x 1.5mm 58548.54.32272.4493619 Enquire
MSR M40 x 1.5mm 58550.54.32272.5003588 Enquire
MSR M42 x 1.5mm 60552.54.32272.6173557 Enquire
MSR M45 x 1.5mm 686584.3226.52.7895265 Enquire
MSR M48 x 1.5mm 68659.54.32592.9625195 Enquire
MSR M50 x 1.5mm 70661.54.32593.0795148 Enquire
MSR M52 x 1.5mm 72663.54.3259.1965101 Enquire
MSR M55 x 1.5mm 75666.54.32593.3695031 Enquire
MSR M58 x 1.5mm 82672.55.32693.5418077 Enquire
MSR M60 x 1.5mm 84674.55.32693.6558001 Enquire
MSR M62 x 1.5mm 86676.55.32810.53.7747925 Enquire
MSR M65 x 1.5mm 88678.55.32810.53.4987811 Enquire
MSR M68 x 1.5mm            Enquire
MSR M70 x 1.5mm 958855.3289.54.2387620 Enquire
MSR M72 x 1.5mm 988866.4288.54.35410692 Enquire
MSR M75 x 1.5mm 1008886.4288.54.52510530 Enquire
MSR M80 x 2.0mm 1108956.432114.87310260 Enquire
MSR M85 x 2.0mm 11581006.432115.1689990 Enquire
MSR M90 x 2.0mm 12081086.432115.4539720 Enquire
MSR M95 x 2.0mm 12581136.432115.7449450 Enquire
MSR M100 x 2.0mm 13081186.432116.0339180 Enquire
MSR M105 x 2.0mm 13581236.432116.3218910 Enquire
MSR M110 x 2.0mm 14081286.432116.6168640 Enquire
MSR M115 x 2.0mm 14581336.436136.9008370 Enquire
MSR M120 x 2.0mm 15581406.436137.1938100 Enquire
MSR M125 x 2.0mm 16081486.436137.4747830 Enquire
MSR M130 x 3.0mm 16581536.436137.8957560 Enquire
MSR M140 x 3.0mm 180101656.436128.4759360 Enquire
MSR M150 x 3.0mm 190101756.436129.0508640 Enquire
MSR M160 x 3.0mm 205101858.440149.63314520 Enquire
MSR M170 x 3.0mm 215101958.4401410.21313200 Enquire
MSR M180 x 3.0mm 230102108.4401410.78911880 Enquire
MSR M190 x 3.0mm 240102248.4401411.36210560 Enquire
MSR M200 x 3.0mm 245102298.4401411.9489240 Enquire
MSR M210 x 3.0mm 27012232  44132712.5155280 Enquire
MSR M220 X 3.0mm 2821224244132713.0975148 Enquire
MSR M230 x 3.0mm 2951225244132713.6775016 Enquire
MSR M240 x 3.0mm 3081226244132714.2564884 Enquire
MSR M250 x 3.0mm 3221227244132714.8334752 Enquire
MSR M260 x 3.0mm 3361228244132715.4085775 Enquire
MSR M270 x 3.0mm 3501229244132715.9825610 Enquire
MSR M280 x 3.0mm 3641230244132716.5785445 Enquire
MSR M290 x 3.0mm 3761231244132717.1495280 Enquire
MSR M300 x 3.0mm 3901232244132717.7175115 Enquire
MSR M310 x 4.0mm 4001433754163218.4377860 Enquire
MSR M320 x 4.0mm 4121434754163219.0087598 Enquire
MSR M330 x 4.0mm 4241435754163219.5787336 Enquire
MSR M340 x 4.0mm 4361436754163220.1767074 Enquire
MSR M350 x 4.0mm 4501437754163220.7436812 Enquire
MSR M360 x 4.0mm 4661438754163221.3097860 Enquire
MSR M370 x 4.0mm 4781439754163221.9057546 Enquire
MSR M380 x 4.0mm 4901440754163222.4687231 Enquire