Laminated Shims

Machine components are often specified with adjustment allowance for assembly purposes.

Laminated Shim can provide the economic answer.  Instead of an adjustment allowance the fitter peels the shim down to size at the assembly with the aid of a blade.  No need for mechanical processing, such as grinding and no costly stand - by equipment.

The appearance of Laminated Shim is that of solid sheet material but it consists of precision gauge laminations bonded together with a resin adhesive.  The thickness of laminations for standard stock material is 0.05mm (0.002") or 0.076mm (0.003").

Materials include Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium.  Laminated Shim is supplied in either sheet form or as ready made shims manufactured to customers drawings or specifications.

Laminated Shim simply peels for adjustment.  One layer after another can be peeled off.  The remaining shim is of even thickness with surfaces glassy, smooth, clean, flat and parallel.  The peeled foil itself can no longer be used because it deforms during peeling.

The use of Laminated Shim reduces assembly costs and solves the problem of loose foils.  In short it saves time and cuts costs whenever parts are assembled.  It provides a quick and easy means to obtain accurate adjustment and alignment when assembling original equipment and in maintenance.