A Self Locking Nut with a slightly increased thickness complete with polyamide insert and metric fine thread.

The bore of the threadless polyamide insert is a little smaller than the nut's inner diameter.

By the therefore increased friction between nut and shaft the nut is secured against unscrewing.

Nut Body:-    Material Steel, Zinc Plated and Passivated.

Attention:-    DO NOT USE ABOVE 100 0 C!

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Part # Name Dimensions (mm) dDimensions (mm) DDimensions (mm) HDimensions (mm) bDimensions (mm) d1Dimensions (mm) m  
GUP GUP 4 M20 x 1.0mm3213.04279.6 Enquire
GUP GUP 5 M25 x 1.5mm384.05330.0 Enquire
GUP GUP 6 M30 x 1.5mm4414.0510.0 Enquire
GUP GUP 7 M35 x 1.5mm5015.054410.6 Enquire
GUP GUP 8 M40 x 1.5mm5616.565011.9 Enquire
GUP GUP 9 M45 x 1.5mm6216.565511.9 Enquire
GUP GUP10 M50 x 1.5mm6818.566113.9 Enquire
GUP GUP11 M55 x 2.0mm7518.576812.9 Enquire
GUP GUP12 M60 x 2.0mm808.577312.9 Enquire
GUP GUP13 M65 x 2.0mm8519.577713.9 Enquire
GUP GUP14 M70 x 2.0mm9219.588413.9 Enquire
GUP GUP15 M75 x 2.0mm9820.5814.9 Enquire
GUP GUP16 M80 x 2.0mm10520.5109614.9 Enquire
GUP GUP17 M85 x 2.0mm11021.51010015.9 Enquire
GUP GUP18 M90 x 2.0mm12021.51011015.9 Enquire
GUP GUP19 M95 x 2.0mm12522.01011517.1 Enquire
GUP GUP20 M100 x 2.0mm13024.01012018.4 Enquire